Our Services

•Comprehensive Eye Exam
$120 includes dilation
•Contact Lens Fitting
First Time Fee: $75 spherical fit
                   $95 toric/multifocal fit
Annual Re-evaluation Fee: $35
Digital Retinal Imaging
$25 includes discussion with Doctor
      and photos emailed to you
•Urgent Same Day Eye Care
$70 includes one follow up visit
•LASIK consultation, Pre-Op and Post-Op care
•Full Service Optical and Frame Repair Services
•On site lens lab to provide fast turnaround
  and better quality control on your glasses
We Stand Behind our Work 100%!  

Our Technology

Topcon Digital Retinal Camera

Takes a photo of your retina to detect and monitor progression of eye diseases.
Topcon Auto Kerato-Refractometer

Obtains an estimate of your prescription and measures the curvature of your cornea to assist in fitting contact lens.

Zeiss Humphrey Matrix Perimeter

Assesses your peripheral and visual field for any visual defects.
Aids in detecting early glaucoma and vision loss.

Zeiss i.Terminal

Digitally measures your frame and face dimensions for fitting single vision and progressive lenses.

Heine Wireless Ophthalmoscope

Used during dilation exam to detect and evaluate signs of eye diseases.