There are hundreds of types of lens available today. Stop by and we can help you determine what lenses are the best for your lifestyle, your occupation, and your eyes.

Impact-Resistant Lens
Not all lens are created equal, and we have a duty to inform you that impact resistant lens are available. Normal plastic lens are typically covered by your insurance. Plastic lens are not impact resistant and can shatter upon violent contact. We highly recommend polycarbonate or Trivex lens for all frames, especially for rimless, and rimlon(semi-rimless, half-rim) frames. In addition to being impact resistant, polycarbonate/ Trivex lens are thinner, lighter, and have 100% ultraviolet(UV) protection. We are required by CA optometry law to dispense only polycarbonate/Trivex lens to patients age 18 or younger.

Computer Glasses
Do you experience eye strain and blurred vision when you use the computer? Are you leaning closer and closer to see the computer screen? Does your neck become strained from poor posture? If so, you may be experiencing computer vision syndrome(CVS). Symptoms range from headaches and double vision to dry eyes and sensitivity to light. Most people wear glasses to correct for either distance or near vision. Computer glasses optimizes your vision for the intermediate distance of 20 to 26 inches. They are designed for prolonged visual tasks, and helps alleviate eyestrain and reduce fatigue. Add anti-reflective coating to your computer lens and have added benefit of glare reduction. If you spend majority of your time at work, get computer glasses and your eyes will thank you!

Enhanced Single Vision Lenses
If you spend a great amount of time on the computer, tablet, or smart phone, then this is the lens for you! Enhanced lenses are designed for the visual demands of using digital devices, and helps alleviate eye strain and reduce eye fatique.


Lens Options

Anti-Reflective Coating
We highly recommend anti-reflective(AR) coating on every pair of glasses that you own. AR coating is often seen on the surface of camera, binocular, and telescope lens as a colored coating. A lens with AR coating reduces reflection and lens flares, produces less glare, and allows more light to pass through the lens. This is particularly noticeable when driving at night or working in front of a computer monitor. The decreased glare means that wearers often find their eyes are less tired, particularly at the end of the day. Allowing more light to pass through the lens also increases contrast and therefore increases visual acuity.
The benefits of AR coating are well worth it!

Photochromic Lens
Photochromic lens darken on exposure to UV light. Have the convenience of reduced glare and 100% UV protection. Photochromic lens today are not what you remember from years before. They darken and clear up faster than ever, and do not have a residual yellowish tint. Photochromic lens are not meant to be a replacement for sunglasses,
but as a bonus to clear lens. Come in today and ask about our photochromic lens satisfaction guarantee!

Polarized Lens for Sunglasses
Polarized lens filters out glare reflected off surfaces such as, water and snow, windows, car windshields and dashboards. This is helpful when driving during bright sunny days. And especially helpful during your morning and afternoon commute when sunlight reflects off your dashboard. Polarized lens reduces glare and increases contrast. We highly recommend polarized lens for your sunglasses! Come in for a demo!