Contact Lens

If you are interested in wearing contact lens, a contact lens fitting session with the optometrist is a required step in addition to the eye exam. The prescription that you receive from the comprehensive eye exam is only applicable towards glasses. Because contact lens directly contact your eyes and are also classified as a medical device, a separate contact lens fitting is required to determine the contact lens prescription. Yearly fitting and evaluations are required because contact lens prescriptions are only valid for one year.

Contact Lens Fitting
The contact lens fitting consists of several tests, including evaluation of your tear film and cornea surface condition, and measurement of your eye size & curvature to determine the best lens to fit your cornea. The doctor will fit you with a set of trial lens and give you trial solution to take home. You will then decide if you like the comfort and wearing schedule of the contact lens. Follow up visits are scheduled to evaluate the your eye condition and vision to determine if quality, fit, or vision can be improved.

Contact Lens Fitting Fee
The contact lens fitting fee for new patient covers initial office visit, diagnostic trial contact lens, sample contact lens solution, and subsequent follow up visits. For first time contact lens wearer, a training session on proper lens care, lens inserting and removing are also provided. If you are an existing patient and wish to use the same contact lens a fee will not be incurred each year. On the other hand, if you are a new patient, and have been wearing the same contacts for years, there will be a fee because the doctor will still need to evaluate your fit, comfort and vision with the contact lens. Our fee is $75 for spherical lens, and $95 for toric/multifocal. The annual reevaluation fee is $35, and eye exam is required.

Insurance Coverage on Contact Lens Fitting
Most insurance plans covers either glasses OR contact lens fitting fee and a portion of contact lens cost, not both. Please contact our office for more details on your insurance coverage.

Necessary Contact Lens
If you have a very high prescription or a large difference in eye prescription between your eyes, you may qualify for necessary contact lens with your vision insurance. Your insurance will cover a year supply of contact lens. Come in for a fitting and see if you qualify.

Types of Contact Lens
We can fit you with many types of available contact lens, including Rigid Gas Permeable(RGP) lens, soft contact lens for daily, bi-weekly, and monthly wear in spherical, toric, and multifocal lens.
We only fit and sell top of the line contact lens.
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