Exam Appointments

Our comprehensive eye exam includes refraction and visual
fields test, existing glasses and prescription check, eye
health check including dilation, and consultation with doctor.

The dilated fundus exam will dilate your pupil so doctor
can analyze your retina more clearly. Your pupils will be
enlarged for approximately two hours and you will be light
sensitive and have difficulty reading. Driving is ok when you
wear sunglasses, but may still be an issue for some patients.
You can reschedule the dilation at alternate visit if needed.

We schedule your comprehensive eye exams for 45 minutes.
Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time to
complete the necessary paperwork.

Please also bring your current glasses and/or
contact lens packaging for your appointment.

If you are a new patient, feel free to print out the new
patient form below before your appointment to save time!
Please also review our
Privacy and Patient Rights Notice

New Patient Form
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader

To schedule your appointment, call us at 916-442-4927.